In honour of both the Pixelles showcase and the 2nd Annual Critical Hit Pre-Jam, I am releasing Apple Rumble, the game that I made last year during the Concordia Pre-Jam. I usually work in teams during jams, but for this game I decided to go it alone, composing original music in Tux Guitar, animating in PyxelEdit and Photoshop, and programming in Construct 2. The only thing that I would have liked to have implemented that I didn't have time to at the jam is a character selection screen with more characters.

This version is the one that I made at the jam in under 48 hours. I hope it will encourage other gamemakers (especially first-timers or those interested in Critical Hit) to give their idea a shot, no matter how ridiculous (mutated apples, like, really?).



A: left

D: right

W: jump/double jump

2xS: shield

D/A + shift: charge

D/A + spacebar: bite

Player 2:

left arrow: left

right arrow: right

up arrow: jump/double jump

2x down arrow: shield

right/left + enter: charge

right/left + ctrl: bite