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A tabletop RPG for 4 creatures and 1 responsible adult.

By Cameron Cobb, Ixel Macz, and Jess Rowan Marcotte

You are a rag-tag band of magical, chaotic creatures who have been tasked with seeking out ingredients to cook a fantastical recipe for a very important visitor. In order to do so, you'll need to visit an outdoor market called Moonbeam Market. Unfortunately for you, the market will soon close for the day! 


This world was not built to contain you. You are a creature of magic and chaos. Your chaotic nature makes it easy for you to accidentally wreak havoc in your many changing states.

When you are very smol, it is difficult to manoeuvre such a large space with so many twists and turns, heavy things to carry, and feet waiting to step on you. When you grow big, majestic, the narrow alleyways of the market are like toy houses, fragile stalls surrounding and enclosing you, and the denizens of Moonbeam Market fear what they do not know. 

Your mutable, changing nature also gives you certain advantages. Some problems can be solved by leveraging your tiny size and deft fingers, or your striking presence as you tower over the market. Maybe there's a stall worker who finds your tiny self very cute, like a chaotic Teenie Beanie Baby, or maybe there is someone who wants to be lifted up above the crowd in your slithering arms.   

What triggers your changes in size is your hunger. When your tummy rumbles, a change is almost always coming. One thing is for sure, you can always rely on the other Creatures to try and come to your aid, and they rely on you, too. Your impulse might be to push yourself beyond your limits, but sometimes it's important to accept help and take care of your needs!

Your goal is to get as many of your Recipe ingredients as possible before the market closes! Hop, crawl, slither, or glide to it! 


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