Jess Rowan Marcotte

This is a resource pack of the printable materials needed to play Awkward Times at Moonbeam Market
This market was not made to contain you, a magical creature of chaos and havoc.
This is a larp about those moments in a sleepover, just before everyone drifts off to sleep...
This is a digital version of a physical-digital hybrid game about emotional labour, care, and radical softness
In this 1-page TTRPG, you are a baby.
A game about being mediocre in order to please a system.
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A nanolarp for 4 Players and a Gamemaster
Welcome to OPPRESSION OLYMPICS 2K16, where the tools to end your oppression are in your hands!
Speak to an alien from Kepler who yearns to learn more about humans.
This is a work-in-progress game for a class.
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A Brechtian Retelling of The End of The Shawshank Redemption
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Cats are sleepy creatures. Cats are oblivious to human drama. Scenes from a one-month period in a household.
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Take care of your very own Game Worker! Manage your work requests alongside your basic needs!
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a photo-taking toy about identity and resistance
This experimental prototype was developed to think about embodiment and play for the reflective games group.
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Granny Smith is ready to duke it out with Red Delicious!
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Feed the hungry maw everything, including yourself.